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UK Job Vacancies Continue to Increase, Exerting Pressure on Pay – My MBA Career



UK Job Vacancies Continue to Increase, Exerting Pressure on Pay – My MBA Career
UK Job Vacancies Continue to Increase, Exerting Pressure on Pay – My MBA Career

Last Updated on July 24, 2023 by Robert C. Hoopes

UK job vacancies and salaries continue to rise, indicating a tightening labor market. Data from job search engine Adzuna revealed that job vacancies in the UK rose for the fifth consecutive month. In addition to this, advertised salaries also saw an increase of 3.6% compared to the previous year.

What is even more remarkable is the record low number of days it took to fill open positions. The tightness in the labor market is a clear indication that companies are struggling to find and hire the staff they need. This situation could potentially lead to higher wages and inflation.

The Bank of England is closely monitoring the jobs market as it plays a significant role in determining the need for further interest rate increases. The fear of a wage-price spiral is a concern, which is why the Institute of Employment Studies warns of the risks of future inflation due to the tight labor market.

Interestingly, Adzuna’s report contradicts figures from Reed Recruitment, which found a significant decline in job vacancies over the past year. Despite this discrepancy, Adzuna’s co-founder remains optimistic about the economy. He stated that if hiring trends continue to improve, the country could reach record hiring levels by the end of the year.

The teaching sector seems to have the largest number of active vacancies, with over 120,000 positions available. Furthermore, this sector also has the fastest filling roles. However, London was the only part of the country where there was no increase in pay.

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A separate report from the Recruitment and Employment Confederation also supports the notion of strong hiring activity. The number of active job postings rose by a significant 53.3% year on year during the week of July 3-9.

With the increasing competition for talent, employers are advised to integrate their people and commercial plans, redesign roles, and ensure competitive offers that can attract workers. This approach will be crucial in a labor market where finding and retaining talent is becoming more challenging than ever.

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