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UNC Chapel Hills Stance on Race-Based Admission Programs



UNC Chapel Hills Stance on Race-Based Admission Programs
UNC Chapel Hills Stance on Race-Based Admission Programs

Last Updated on July 30, 2023 by Robert C. Hoopes

UNC’s Board of Trustees Approves Resolution Prohibiting the Use of Race in Admissions Decisions

In a significant move, UNC’s Board of Trustees has recently approved measures that will prohibit the university from using race as a factor in its admissions decisions. This decision comes in response to a Supreme Court ruling last month, which found that UNC’s admissions program violated the 14th Amendment. Supporters of the resolution argue that it confirms the university’s commitment to comply with the law and prevent any form of unlawful discrimination.

Under the new resolution, applicants will no longer receive any race-based preferences during the admissions process. However, they will still have the opportunity to use personal statements to demonstrate how they have overcome adversity. This change aims to emphasize meritocracy and equal opportunity for all prospective students.

Although the resolution has received support from many, it has also faced pushback from critics, including one Board member who believes that the decision is being rushed and that it sends the wrong message. The dissenting opinion suggests that the resolution should have been more thoroughly evaluated and debated before being implemented.

Concerns have also been raised about potential legal ramifications and the impact of these changes beyond the admissions process. Some worry about how this will affect hiring and contracting at the university. As the resolution extends beyond admissions, it presents uncharted waters for UNC, and the consequences may only become apparent with time.

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In response to these concerns, the Board asserts that UNC will continue to maintain a vibrant and diverse community. The university acknowledges that the changes brought about by this resolution may necessitate adaptation and careful consideration going forward.

UNC’s decision to prohibit the use of race in admissions decisions comes as part of a broader conversation surrounding affirmative action and equal opportunity. As universities navigate these legal and societal complexities, they are reevaluating their policies to ensure fairness and transparency in their admissions processes.

By implementing this resolution, UNC aims to comply with legal requirements while maintaining a commitment to diversity and inclusion. Time will tell how this decision will shape the landscape of admissions at one of the nation’s most prestigious universities and how other institutions may follow suit in their own admissions policies.

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