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Uncertain Reopening: Portland School Strike Negotiations Take Thanksgiving Pause



Last Updated on November 25, 2023 by Robert C. Hoopes

Title: Uncertainty Looms as Thanksgiving Bargaining Stalled and Schools Remain Closed

In a prolonged strike that shows no signs of resolution, bargaining on Thanksgiving Day was put on hold, leaving parents anxious about whether schools will reopen next week. District officials are set to provide an update on Friday, further intensifying the uncertainty surrounding the fate of schools.

Critical issues, including class size committees, continue to plague negotiations, with the district reporting that these matters remain unresolved. As each day passes, the hopes of returning to normalcy for thousands of students and parents become more distant.

Despite the ongoing strike, the Portland Public Schools (PPS) has sent a counter-proposal to the Portland Association of Teachers (PAT), the union representing the striking teachers. However, disappointingly, PPS officials have not received any response from the union as of yet.

KATU News, a prominent local news outlet, has attempted to contact the PAT for their side of the story, but regrettably, they have not responded. The lack of communication from the union leaves the public partially informed, unable to grasp the full extent of the disagreement between the parties involved.

Parents and students alike are growing increasingly frustrated with the lingering strike, as it disrupts the academic calendar and jeopardizes the overall learning experience. Many fear that the longer the strike persists, the greater the impact it will have on students’ academic progress and future prospects.

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While negotiations usually involve give and take from both sides, the continued standstill raises concerns about the dedication of both parties to finding a solution. With Thanksgiving just around the corner, families are left in dismay, uncertain if they will be able to come together and express gratitude amid this tumultuous period.

As the strike marches on, it’s important to remember that the core of this dispute lies in the welfare and education of the students who are being directly affected. It is imperative that both the district and the union find common ground promptly, prioritizing the needs of the students, so that education can resume and normalcy can be restored in the affected schools.

As the situation unfolds, parents, students, and the wider community will anxiously await the update from the district officials on Friday, hoping for a glimmer of hope that the strike will soon come to an end, and schools will soon reopen their doors.

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