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Unveiling the Impact of KIPP Charter Schools on College Success



Last Updated on October 14, 2023 by Robert C. Hoopes

Title: Study Shows Mixed Results for KIPP Charter Schools in College Success

KIPP, the largest charter school network in the US, has recently been under scrutiny as researchers conducted a study to evaluate its effectiveness in preparing students for college. The study compared students who won a random lottery to attend a KIPP middle school with those who were not selected.

Surprisingly, the study found that both groups had similar college completion rates, coming in at 22%. However, the researchers then delved deeper and examined a subset of students who attended both a KIPP middle and high school. The results revealed that attending both KIPP schools significantly increased students’ chances of entering and completing college.

This complex verdict has provided both promising and less encouraging results for the KIPP charter schools. While attending both a KIPP middle and high school showed positive outcomes, attending the middle school alone appeared to have limited longer-term benefits, contrary to previous research showing improvements in test scores.

Experts caution that more research is needed before firm conclusions can be drawn about the overall impact of KIPP on student success. The study analyzed data from over 2,000 students who applied to attend KIPP middle schools, tracking their progress for over a decade.

The secondary analysis, based on a smaller group of KIPP middle school students who also attended a KIPP high school, showcased significant gains in college completion. Mathematica researchers suggest that the focus of KIPP high schools on preparing students for college could be the reason behind these gains.

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Further investigation is required to explore the differences between the study’s findings. The researchers hope that this study is not the final phase and that more comprehensive research will be undertaken to comprehensively assess KIPP charter schools’ impact on college success.

This study sheds light on the complex outcomes associated with KIPP charter schools, emphasizing the need for a comprehensive understanding of their impact on students’ long-term success. As KIPP continues to provide education opportunities for thousands of students across the country, it is crucial to unravel the factors that contribute to successful college outcomes and tailor educational strategies accordingly.

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