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Updates on MBA Career: Florida university rankings and recent changes



Updates on MBA Career: Florida university rankings and recent changes
Updates on MBA Career: Florida university rankings and recent changes

Last Updated on September 19, 2023 by Robert C. Hoopes

Title: Significant Shifts in Florida University Rankings Prompt Discussion on Reliability

In a surprising turn of events, the New College of Florida, a liberal arts school, has plummeted by 24 spots to a tie for 100 in the latest rankings. The drop was reportedly propelled by the influence of conservative trustees appointed by Governor Ron DeSantis. The news has sparked discussions among school officials about the increasing role of rankings in shaping the perception of higher education institutions.

While Florida officials made an effort to highlight the state’s success with six schools ranking in the top 100 among public colleges, they conveniently overlooked the fact that several schools experienced a decline in their rankings. This discrepancy has raised eyebrows among critics who believe it highlights a deliberate effort to present a more favorable narrative.

This year’s rankings underwent a significant methodological change, placing a greater emphasis on social mobility and post-graduate success. Perhaps unsurprisingly, the University of Florida dropped one spot to number six in the coveted rankings of public universities. Furthermore, the University of South Florida experienced a three-spot slip, landing at number 45, while Florida State University also dropped by three spots, claiming the 23rd position.

School officials, bewildered by the sudden changes, are questioning the weight that should be accorded to these rankings in the future. FSU President Richard McCullough described the drop as “odd” and part of a “rankings chaos” within higher education. UF President Ben Sasse echoed these concerns, expressing skepticism about the overreliance on rankings and suggesting the need to explore alternative measures of success.

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Despite the discouraging trends, some institutions in the state experienced positive outcomes. Florida International University (FIU) rose from 72 to 64 in the rankings, tying with the University of Central Florida (UCF). The rankings also brought good news for Florida A&M University, which jumped 12 spots to secure the 91st position. Likewise, Florida Atlantic University improved significantly, climbing 20 positions to rank 112.

To their credit, university leaders attributed the state’s improved rankings to the support provided by the DeSantis administration and the Florida Legislature. Significant financial investments, including a combined $100 million for UF, FSU, and USF, as well as $100 million for faculty recruitment and retention, were acknowledged as crucial factors in enhancing the state’s education offerings.

As colleges and universities continue to grapple with the aftermath of this year’s rankings, the discussions surrounding their reliability have become more pertinent. It remains to be seen whether future rankings will be capable of accurately representing an institution’s true worth or whether alternative metrics will be adopted to better assess the success of higher education in Florida and beyond.

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