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Last Updated on October 13, 2023 by Robert C. Hoopes

Title: Notre Dame Mendoza College of Business to Discontinue One-Year MBA Program

In a surprising move, Notre Dame’s prestigious Mendoza College of Business has recently announced its decision to discontinue its highly acclaimed one-year MBA program at the end of the current school year. This decision comes despite the program’s financial viability and a growing preference for one-year MBAs among prospective students.

The move by Notre Dame follows a similar decision made last year by Cornell Johnson Graduate School of Management, which also closed its premier one-year MBA program. This trend raises questions about the future of this format, even as interest from prospective students in acquiring a one-year MBA is on the rise.

The one-year MBA program at Notre Dame Mendoza College of Business has gained immense popularity among students for its expedited timeline and ability to fast-track their careers. Graduates of this program have showcased exceptional success, with an impressive 96% of them accepting job offers within three months of graduation. Both The Economist and The Financial Times highly ranked the program, further solidifying its reputation.

Despite the strong track record and popularity, the decision to terminate the one-year MBA program stems from the college’s decision to shift its focus to the two-year MBA program. The school’s administration believes that channeling resources into the longer program will provide students with a more comprehensive education and better equip them for future leadership roles.

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Notre Dame Mendoza College of Business has already witnessed the closure of another program due to lack of student interest. The discontinuation of their MBA-Master of Science in Business Analytics program last year further emphasizes the school’s commitment to streamlining its offerings and providing the highest quality education to its students.

It is important to note that the closure of the one-year MBA program will not hinder the academic experience of current students. The college offers a plethora of other graduate and undergraduate programs, ensuring that students will continue to receive a quality education. Faculty and staff remain dedicated to supporting the personal and professional growth of the current one-year MBA students, who will remain integral members of the Notre Dame family.

As more top business schools make the difficult decision to end their one-year MBA programs, concerns arise regarding the future of this format. But despite the increasing interest from prospective students, it appears that schools are prioritizing longer-term programs. Only time will tell if the one-year MBA will regain its popularity or if this trend will continue to reshape the landscape of MBA education.

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