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US colleges reconsider standardized testing policies to address impact on minority students



Last Updated on March 16, 2024 by Robert C. Hoopes

In a significant shift, universities in the United States are reinstating requirements for undergraduate applicants to submit SAT or ACT scores, highlighting the ongoing debate surrounding standardized testing in higher education institutions.

According to University of St. Thomas professor David D. Schein, standardized testing is crucial for schools to have a central index to compare students from different regions. Some universities had dropped testing requirements during the COVID-19 pandemic, but prestigious institutions like the University of Texas at Austin and Dartmouth College have now reinstated them.

A study cited in Dartmouth’s reinstatement announcement revealed that test-optional policies unintentionally disadvantaged students of color and those from less advantaged backgrounds. Despite criticism that standardized testing favors privileged students, some counselors and experts argue that it is essential for maintaining fairness in the college admissions process.

The policy changes at universities like Yale and Brown indicate a shift back towards standardized testing requirements, with a focus on ensuring diversity and equal opportunities in admissions. However, educators like Halima Moore from College Achieve Central High School believe that mandatory standardized testing could perpetuate inequalities and undermine efforts to promote fairness and inclusivity.

These developments underscore the complexity of the standardized testing debate and the various perspectives on its role in the admissions process. Stay updated with My MBA Career for more insights on the evolving landscape of higher education.

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