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Viral Mom Sparks Online Debate After Choosing Business Class Over Economy with Baby



Last Updated on February 13, 2024 by Robert C. Hoopes

UK Mother Faces Backlash for Leaving Daughter and Boyfriend in Economy Class on Flight

A UK mother has faced a wave of criticism and backlash after admitting to leaving her 11-month-old daughter and boyfriend in economy class while she enjoyed the luxury of business class on a recent flight from Paris to Los Angeles. Ellis Cochlin shared her experience in a TikTok video, confessing her uncertainty about whether she had made the right choice.

In the video, Cochlin explained that she wanted a break from traveling alone with her baby and saw this particular flight as an opportunity to do so. She hoped to have some alone time and unwind during the long journey. However, her decision sparked a heated debate among TikTok users.

While some users supported Cochlin’s need for self-care and time alone, others were quick to criticize her for not sitting with her family. Many argued that it was important for her to be present and take care of her daughter throughout the flight.

In her defense, Cochlin justified her choice by stating that she had flown alone with her daughter multiple times before and wanted her boyfriend to experience the joys and challenges of traveling with them. She also mentioned the airline’s policy of charging for an extra seat for her daughter, even though she was eligible to fly for free in economy.

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Cochlin’s previous TikTok videos have shed light on the difficulties she faces while traveling alone with a baby, emphasizing the lack of assistance and support she encounters on these flights. This latest video documenting her decision to sit separately from her family has gained over 350,000 views, igniting a larger discussion about parenting choices and the concept of self-care.

Despite the backlash, Cochlin stands by her decision, maintaining that she needed a break and saw this rare opportunity as a chance to have some help during the flight. The incident has brought attention to the ongoing challenge faced by parents, particularly those who travel frequently with young children. It serves as a reminder that each individual’s parenting journey is unique, and that decisions regarding self-care and childcare should be made with careful consideration of personal circumstances.

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