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Walmart to Acquire TV Maker Vizio for $2.3 Billion in Expansion of Ad Business



Last Updated on February 21, 2024 by Robert C. Hoopes

In a bold move to expand its business into the television market, retail giant Walmart has announced the acquisition of popular TV maker Vizio for a whopping $2.3 billion. The deal includes an offer of $11.50 per share in cash for Vizio, catching the attention of investors and industry experts alike.

This acquisition is seen as Walmart’s strategy to boost its advertising business. With Vizio’s SmartCast Operating System, Walmart aims to tap into the growing market of connected TVs and offer targeted advertising to consumers. It is reported that Walmart’s ad business has higher profit margins than selling groceries or clothing, making this a strategic move for the company.

By acquiring Vizio, Walmart hopes to compete with e-commerce giant Amazon, which has been gaining ground in the advertising space. Vizio’s SmartCast system boasts an impressive 18 million active accounts, providing Walmart with a large audience base to target with its advertising initiatives.

Looking ahead, Walmart plans to leverage Vizio’s technology to offer innovative television and in-home entertainment experiences to consumers. This move is expected to not only drive revenue growth for Walmart but also enhance its position in the competitive retail and advertising landscape.

This acquisition marks a significant step for Walmart in diversifying its business and tapping into new revenue streams. With Vizio’s technology expertise and Walmart’s strong market presence, the potential for future growth and success in the television market looks promising for the retail giant.

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