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Week 10 Patriot League Scores & Results



Week 10 Patriot League Scores & Results
Week 10 Patriot League Scores & Results

Last Updated on November 6, 2023 by Robert C. Hoopes

Title: Fordham Emerges Victorious Over Bucknell In Week 10 College Football Match

Fordham University displayed its dominance on the football field as they defeated Bucknell University with a final score of 27-21 in an electrifying Week 10 college football game. The pregame odds favored Fordham, who were projected to win with a spread of -18.5.

Leading the charge for Fordham was their star quarterback, CJ Montes, who turned heads with an impressive performance. Montes showcased his prowess by throwing for a remarkable 328 yards and securing three touchdowns, guiding Fordham to a hard-fought victory against their opponents. Notably, Julius Loughride showcased his agility and skill on the ground, rushing for an outstanding 105 yards in the game.

In the receiving department, M.J. Wright emerged as the standout player for Fordham, amassing an impressive 145 receiving yards and scoring one touchdown. Meanwhile, Bucknell’s quarterback, Ralph Rucker, demonstrated resilience, throwing for an impressive 358 yards and securing two touchdowns. Coleman Bennett led the rushing efforts for Bucknell with a total of 58 yards, while Derrick Anderson Jr. stood out as their top receiver with 82 yards and one touchdown.

The game was an intense battle, characterized by high offensive efficiency for both teams. Fordham managed to gain a total of 487 yards, closely followed by Bucknell with a total of 454 yards. Fordham’s offensive strategy revolved around a balanced attack, accumulating 328 passing yards and 159 rushing yards. In comparison, Bucknell relied heavily on their passing game, recording 358 passing yards and 96 rushing yards.

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Despite the closely contested match, Fordham emerged victorious with the win. Notably, turnovers played a significant role in the outcome. Fordham committed only one turnover throughout the game, while Bucknell managed to prevent any fumbles or interceptions.

Looking ahead to the upcoming Patriot League games, fans can anticipate thrilling matchups. The next round will feature Holy Cross vs. Army, Fordham vs. Lafayette, Georgetown vs. Bucknell, and Lehigh vs. Colgate. Football enthusiasts can catch the action-packed games on various networks including CBS Sports Network, NBC Sports Network, and ESPN+.

For those who wish to enjoy college football throughout the season, platforms such as Fubo and ESPN+ offer options to live stream the games. However, it is essential to approach gambling responsibly. Readers are reminded to seek assistance if they encounter any issues related to gambling. A helpline number is provided for those in need.

In what proved to be a captivating Week 10 college football game, Fordham’s triumph over Bucknell showcased the exceptional talent and determination of the players. With thrilling matchups on the horizon, football enthusiasts eagerly await the next chapter in their favorite sport.

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