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West Virginia University Approves Academic Program and Faculty Cuts



Last Updated on September 15, 2023 by Robert C. Hoopes

West Virginia University’s Board Approves Drastic Cuts Amid Budget Shortfall

West Virginia University (WVU) has recently faced tough decisions as the institution grapples with a staggering $45 million budget shortfall. In a bid to address the financial crisis, the university’s board has approved significant reductions to its academic programs and faculty positions.

Among the measures taken, WVU will drop 28 majors, accounting for approximately 8% of the university’s program offerings. Additionally, the institution plans to cut 143 faculty positions, equivalent to around 5% of its teaching staff. The cuts are likely to have a profound impact on the education department faculty, as one-third of its members will be affected, and the entire world language department will be eliminated.

The news of these reductions has not been well received by students and faculty alike. Protesting against the cuts, individuals staged a walkout and organized a rally on campus. Many critics have accused the administration of financial mismanagement and lacking transparency in their decision-making process.

Unfortunately, the projected budget shortfall is expected to climb even higher, potentially reaching $75 million within the next five years. Governor Jim Justice has firmly rejected calls to allocate state funds to help WVU address its financial crisis, placing an even greater burden on the institution.

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However, E. Gordon Gee, WVU’s president, stands by the decision to implement these cuts. He views them as necessary for an “academic transformation” during this period of change in higher education. Gee argues that these measures will ultimately lead to the university’s adaptation to the evolving landscape of academia.

The approved reductions at WVU are undeniably drastic, jeopardizing academic opportunities and posing challenges for faculty job security. As the university takes these steps to navigate its financial crisis, the impact on students, faculty, and the overall academic environment remains to be seen.

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