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What Lies Ahead for the Michigan State University Board of Trustees?



Last Updated on October 27, 2023 by Robert C. Hoopes

Title: Allegations of Bullying and Ethical Violations Stoke Controversy on MSU Board of Trustees

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In a flurry of accusations and counterclaims, Michigan State University (MSU) Board Chairperson Rema Vassar finds herself at the center of controversy as allegations of bullying and ethical violations surface. The allegations have sparked calls for intervention from Governor Gretchen Whitmer on the grounds of misconduct.

Trustee Brianna Scott recently penned a letter accusing Vassar of multiple grievances, including bullying and the unauthorized disclosure of sensitive information. Scott’s letter, released to the public, has prompted a fierce debate within the MSU community, with supporters rallying on both sides.

Vassar has vehemently denied the allegations levied against her in a lengthy rebuttal. Nevertheless, prominent figures, including U.S. Senator Debbie Stabenow, have called for Vassar’s resignation. However, Governor Whitmer maintains that it falls upon the board to address the claims through their internal investigation procedures.

Under Michigan law, the MSU Board of Trustees possesses the power to remove a chairperson if six out of eight trustees vote in favor of such action. Currently, Trustee Dennis Denno stands in support of Vassar, while other board members have sided with Scott, fueling tensions within the university’s governing body.

As the controversy unfolds, there have been suggestions to re-evaluate the process of selecting trustees through statewide elections. Proponents argue that a revamped appointment system might help prevent similar situations in the future.

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Despite the mounting calls for Vassar’s resignation, Governor Whitmer has opted to exercise caution. Expressing concern, she has elected to await the results of internal investigations before taking any decisive action. The governor does, however, have the authority to remove an elected board member under grounds of neglect of duty, corrupt conduct, or misfeasance.

MSU has promptly initiated an investigation into Scott’s claims, but no timeline for completion has been provided. Nevertheless, these recent events are not expected to impede the ongoing MSU presidential search process. Trustee Denno has confirmed that a new president will be chosen by Thanksgiving.

In the midst of this controversy, the MSU community awaits answers while hoping for a resolution that will restore harmony and uphold the university’s commitment to ethical leadership.

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