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Youngstown State University Board of Trustees Appoint Former Congressman Bill Johnson as President



Youngstown State University Board of Trustees Appoint Former Congressman Bill Johnson as President
Youngstown State University Board of Trustees Appoint Former Congressman Bill Johnson as President

Last Updated on November 23, 2023 by Robert C. Hoopes

Republican Congressman Bill Johnson Selected as YSU’s 10th President Despite Objections

In a move that has ignited controversy among some factions of the Youngstown State University (YSU) community, Republican Congressman Bill Johnson has been chosen as the institution’s 10th president. Despite objections voiced during the YSU Board of Trustees meeting, Johnson’s strong belief in higher education and vast array of leadership experiences have been praised by Jim Tressel, former president of YSU.

During the meeting, critics voiced their opposition to Johnson’s hiring, alleging that the decision was made without taking public comments into consideration. This drew criticism from a YSU faculty union spokesman and YSU alumni, who expressed concerns about transparency and inclusivity. However, Johnson, who did not attend the meeting, addressed the media afterward, emphasizing his commitment to open dialogue and understanding diverse perspectives.

One of the main concerns raised about Johnson’s appointment is the potential impact of his political beliefs on the university. However, Johnson argues for fairness, stating that all political opinions should be allowed and respected on campus. As part of his new role, Johnson will receive an annual salary of $410,000 and will reside in the presidential house on Wick Avenue.

Despite the controversy, Johnson has expressed his commitment to maintaining a diverse and inclusive campus, highlighting the importance of international students to both YSU and America. This comes as some members of the YSU community express disappointment and a feeling of being unheard or excluded during the decision-making process.

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The selection process for YSU’s new president has also sparked interest in potential candidates for Johnson’s congressional position. Already, several individuals have emerged as possible contenders, eyeing the opportunity to fill the void left by Johnson’s departure.

Commenting on the secrecy surrounding the search for a president, Trustee Anita Hackstedde explained that it was intended to attract the best candidates. Despite the rationale, the lack of public involvement in the decision-making process has fueled discontent among segments of the YSU community, adding to the ongoing debate surrounding Johnson’s appointment.

As Johnson assumes his new role, the YSU community eagerly awaits the actions and initiatives he will undertake to address concerns and bridge the divide that currently exists. Only time will tell if his vision for an all-inclusive campus will become a reality.

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