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Last Updated on April 24, 2024 by Robert C. Hoopes

MBA students and alumni looking to further their careers can now easily connect with potential employers through resume databases available on the “My MBA Career” website. These databases cater to different types of MBA programs, including full-time, evening, weekend, and executive MBA.

The databases are a treasure trove of candidates from various functions and industries worldwide, making it easier for employers to find the perfect match for their job openings. The best part? Access to these databases is completely free of charge, with requests typically approved within one business day.

In addition to the resume databases, “My MBA Career” also offers a resume referral service. Employers can email their job criteria to the site and receive tailored resumes from the database that meet their specific requirements. This streamlined process saves time and ensures that employers are connected with the most qualified candidates.

Employers looking to access the resume databases simply need to log in to GTS on the website. With just a few clicks, they can start browsing through a pool of talented MBA students and alumni, making the hiring process more efficient and successful.

Overall, the resume databases and referral service on “My MBA Career” provide valuable resources for both MBA professionals and employers. By leveraging these tools, individuals can take the next step in their careers and organizations can find top-notch talent to drive their business forward.

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