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MBA Career Journey: Something Needs to Change



Last Updated on April 24, 2024 by Robert C. Hoopes

After nearly five decades at the helm of Frank’s Fisherman on San Francisco’s iconic Fisherman’s Wharf, Ken Brown has decided to pass the torch to a new owner, Nick Hoppe. The decision comes after years of struggling to keep the restaurant afloat amidst historic closures and changes in the area.

Brown, along with his brother, faced challenges as they witnessed an increase in closures, trash, crime, and homelessness in the neighborhood. Despite their efforts to adapt, the decline in foot traffic and safety concerns worsened during the pandemic.

Originally established in 1946 as a supply store for fishers, Frank’s Fisherman transformed into an antique hub offering rare maritime relics and collectibles. However, the changing landscape of Fisherman’s Wharf forced Brown to make the difficult decision to sell the business.

Expressing his disappointment in the city’s efforts to combat the area’s deterioration, Brown has handed over the keys to Hoppe, who remains optimistic about the future of the iconic location. Meanwhile, Brown reflects on his time at the wharf with mixed emotions, grateful for the memories made throughout the years.

In an effort to revitalize Fisherman’s Wharf, the Port of San Francisco has approved a $2.2 million grant to address beautification and safety concerns. With hopes of restoring the neighborhood to its former glory, the grant aims to combat the issues that have plagued the area in recent years.

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As a new chapter begins for Frank’s Fisherman under the ownership of Hoppe, the legacy of the iconic establishment lives on, with Brown looking towards the future with bittersweet sentiments.

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