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My MBA Career: Why Many MBA Candidates are Shifting Away from On-Campus Learning



Last Updated on April 26, 2024 by Robert C. Hoopes

Prospective MBA Students Shifting Away from Traditional Study Methods

A recent poll conducted among prospective MBA students has revealed an interesting shift in preferences when it comes to studying for an MBA. The poll indicated that less than one-quarter of students are interested in studying entirely on-campus, showing a decreasing preference for in-person study.

The majority of students (72%) still prefer full-time study, but 42% are now looking for a mix of campus and online learning options. Additionally, 24% of students expressed a preference for a hybrid study format that would allow them to switch between campus and online study as needed.

Geographically, 39% of students are interested in studying outside their home country, with many citing the desire to pursue an international career as their main reason for doing so. This trend indicates a growing interest in global opportunities among MBA candidates.

Interestingly, 23% of candidates stated that they would not pursue an MBA if employers do not value the qualification, signaling a shift in perspectives among prospective students. The popularity of the MBA is also changing, with more students expressing openness to other qualifications such as professional certifications, master’s degrees, and continuing professional development programs.

The research also identified eight “mini-MBAs,” with the PwC Mini-MBA emerging as the most popular choice among respondents. Artificial intelligence (AI) content in MBA courses was also highly valued by prospective students, with AI ranking above other tech topics such as technology management, data analytics, and digital transformation.

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Andrew Crisp, an expert in the field, emphasized the need for business schools to adapt their MBA programs in order to attract strong cohorts in the future. The MBA is clearly at a critical juncture, and it will be interesting to see how schools respond to these shifting preferences and demands from prospective students.

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