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My MBA Journey: Matthew Youngs Experience with 2+2 Deferral



Last Updated on April 26, 2024 by Robert C. Hoopes

The Harvard Business School (HBS) 2+2 program is gaining popularity among current college students looking to jumpstart their MBA journey. This unique deferred admission process allows students in their final year of study to secure a spot in the prestigious HBS MBA Program, while gaining valuable work experience in the field of their choice for two to four years.

Matthew Young, a current MBA student (class of 2025), recently shared his experience with the deferral years in an interview. Young decided to apply to HBS via the 2+2 program after visiting the campus during an internship in Boston. He maximized his deferral period by working at The Walt Disney Company, McKinsey & Company, and the NFL’s Washington Commanders, gaining diverse experiences and skills along the way.

Young credits the 2+2 program for providing him with the flexibility to explore different career paths and fostering impactful experiences at each job. He advises prospective students considering the program to focus on their passion, values, and mission during the application process, as these are key factors that HBS looks for in applicants.

The deferral period not only allows students to gain valuable work experience but also provides them with the opportunity to explore their passions risk-free. This unique approach sets students up for success in their MBA journey, enabling them to fully immerse themselves in the program with a strong foundation of real-world experience.

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As more students seek alternative routes to pursue their MBA dreams, the HBS 2+2 program continues to be a valuable option for those looking to combine work experience with a top-tier education. Young’s success story serves as inspiration for future applicants looking to take advantage of this innovative program and carve out their own unique path in the business world.

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