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Princeton Warns of Student Arrests During Gaza Protests



Last Updated on April 26, 2024 by Robert C. Hoopes

Around 100 pro-Palestinian protesters gathered outside the chapel at Princeton University, demanding the university to divest from companies with connections to Israel. The protesters held signs and peacefully called for the boycott of Israeli institutions.

However, the protest took a turn when two students were arrested and evicted from campus for setting up tents, with their keys seized by authorities. A small group of 10 protesters also demanded that Hamas release Israeli hostages, adding a different perspective to the demonstration.

Despite the arrests, the overall protest remained peaceful, with police observing the gathering. The protesters cheered calls for Princeton to take action against Israel and voiced their main demand for the university to cut ties with Israeli-connected companies.

Princeton University had previously warned the protesters about setting up tents and blocking university spaces. The university’s President also published an op-ed emphasizing the importance of upholding university rules while supporting free speech.

The protest comes amidst an investigation into Princeton for alleged antisemitism based on an outside complaint. Other universities have also faced similar student protests urging divestment from Israel, with student arrests being made as final exams approach.

In response, Princeton has warned students of disciplinary measures if they disrupt campus activities. Free speech group PEN America has urged universities to protect campus protests, as seen in the recent incident at Columbia University where the NYPD was called in to shut down protests, causing ripple effects across the country.

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As tensions rise on college campuses regarding the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, universities like Princeton must navigate the delicate balance between free speech and maintaining campus order.

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