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Instant Hiring Fair Fills Dozens of Classroom Support Jobs at St. Paul Schools – My MBA Career



Last Updated on August 21, 2023 by Robert C. Hoopes

St. Paul Public Schools (SPPS) has witnessed a remarkable surge in hiring, representing a positive trend compared to previous years. The district has made significant progress in filling teaching assistant and educational assistant positions, providing promising career opportunities for talented individuals.

One of the success stories within SPPS is Mishari Dillard, a recent high school graduate who secured a teaching assistant role in special education at Farnsworth School. Dillard’s new job was secured on the spot, reflecting the district’s emphasis on bringing in fresh talent.

The recent hiring fair held at Como Senior High School was particularly fruitful, resulting in the recruitment of 30-40 teaching assistant and educational assistant positions within a mere three hours. Prior to the fair, SPPS was facing a shortage of about 165 such positions. However, by the end of the fair, a total of 60 individuals had been offered and accepted positions.

SPPS attributes this increase in hiring to their unique recruitment efforts and higher starting salaries. The school district has managed to attract top talent by offering more competitive compensation compared to previous years.

Central High School principal Cherise Ayers has expressed her optimism about the upcoming academic year. Ayers has already extended seven job offers, signaling a promising start to the staffing process.

In an effort to further incentivize recruitment and retention, the district has introduced a limited number of $4,000 hiring and retention bonuses specifically for special education assistants. This serves as a strong motivator for potential candidates considering a career in special education.

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One of the exceptional aspects of SPPS’s staffing strategy is its commitment to providing opportunities to those without a specific license or degree. The district promises to support individuals who may lack experience but possess a genuine passion for working with students. This approach not only opens doors for aspiring education professionals but also promotes diversity within the classroom.

SPPS’s focus on creating a comfortable and inclusive environment for students is reinforced by their dedication to hiring support staff. These individuals play a crucial role in ensuring a positive educational experience for students, and the district recognizes their invaluable contributions.

For those seeking more information about job openings within SPPS, the district encourages visiting their website to explore available opportunities firsthand and embark on a rewarding career in education.

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