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Layoffs announced at UT Austin due to SB 17



Last Updated on April 5, 2024 by Robert C. Hoopes

The University of Texas at Austin recently announced department layoffs affecting approximately 60 employees who worked in diversity, equity, and inclusion programs. These layoffs come as a result of public Texas colleges and universities complying with Senate Bill 17, which bans DEI initiatives at public institutions.

In an email addressing the layoffs, UT President Jay Hartzell explained that the funding previously allocated to support DEI initiatives will now be redirected towards teaching and research efforts. This move has sparked concern among students, with UT student Reva Proddutti expressing worries about the impact on students of color and first-generation students.

Republican State Senator Brandon Creighton has warned universities of potential loss of state funding if they fail to comply with SB 17. Sherry Sylvester, from the Texas Public Policy Foundation, has also criticized DEI initiatives, claiming they are discriminatory and promote critical race theory.

Governor Greg Abbott has indicated that more laws will be passed to enforce the DEI ban during the next legislative session, signaling a continued crackdown on such programs in public institutions. A Texas Senate Committee is scheduled to hold a hearing next month to assess how universities are complying with the ban on DEI initiatives.

These developments at UT Austin reflect a broader trend in Texas higher education, where DEI programs are facing increased scrutiny and restrictions. As the state continues to push for compliance with SB 17, the future of diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives in public universities remains uncertain. Stay tuned for updates on how this issue unfolds.

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