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Protests by Ivy League anti-Israel agitators escalate into actual terror organization, warns professor – Fox News



Last Updated on April 22, 2024 by Robert C. Hoopes

Columbia University Faces Escalating Protests on Campus

Columbia University’s campus has become the center of ongoing protests that have escalated to a concerning level, with anti-Israel agitators being labeled as a terrorist organization. The protests, which have caught the attention of many, began with demonstrators displaying signs in support of Hamas, a designated terrorist organization. Business professor Shai Davidai went as far as calling the student organizations “pro-terrorist.”

Videos from the protests show hundreds of protesters releasing red smoke and chanting anti-Israel slogans in front of Columbia’s East Gate. The main focus of the protests has been on demanding divestment from Israel and severing academic ties with Israeli universities. Davidai has criticized the administration and faculty for encouraging the protesters and failing to address antisemitism on campus.

Several people have been arrested during the protests, with one person being carried out on a stretcher by EMS. New York politicians have faced criticism for their silence on the matter, with calls for more local leaders to take action. Jewish influencer Lizzy Savetsky and Columbia alum Sheila Nazarian have spoken out against the protests, expressing concerns over safety and discrimination on campus.

Republican New York Rep. Elise Stefanik has called for the resignation of Columbia’s president and for the school to take action to protect Jewish students. Barnard College student Yola Ashkenazie described the campus environment as “scary, dangerous, and untenable” and called for the expulsion of students involved in the protests. Columbia University’s Orthodox rabbi has advised Jewish students to leave campus until the situation improves. The situation remains tense on campus as the protests continue.

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