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University decision to cancel Muslim valedictorians speech sparks tensions on campus



Last Updated on April 18, 2024 by Robert C. Hoopes

USC Valedictorian’s Graduation Speech Revocation Sparks Controversy

The recent decision by USC Provost Andrew Guzman to rescind USC valedictorian Tabassum’s invitation to speak at graduation has generated heated debate on campus and beyond. The reason cited by the university for this unprecedented move was security concerns related to tensions stemming from the conflict in the Middle East.

Critics of the decision argue that using security as a pretext is questionable, particularly in light of last year’s commencement address by former President Barack Obama without any security issues. The controversy has been further fueled by concerns raised by pro-Israel and Jewish groups about Tabassum’s social media activity, which includes posts linking to pro-Palestine content calling for the abolishment of Israel.

Trojans for Israel, a student organization, labeled Tabassum’s posts as antisemitic and criticized the university for not vetting them before selecting her as the valedictorian. This incident comes amidst a backdrop of rising tensions on college campuses across the country amid the Israel-Hamas conflict, with recent incidents at universities such as UC Berkeley and Columbia.

USC student Danica Gonzalez expressed shock at the backlash against Tabassum on social media and the abrupt cancellation of her speech, describing it as both jarring and an effort to protect the university’s image. On the contrary, Tabassum, a biomedical engineering major with a minor in resistance to genocide, has been hailed as a mentor and role model by fellow student Layan.

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In response to the university’s decision, Tabassum has accused it of thinly veiled racism and engaging in a campaign of racist hatred against her for advocating for human rights for all. The situation remains fluid as supporters and critics continue to voice their opinions on social media and through various channels. The controversy surrounding Tabassum’s revoked invitation is likely to have a lasting impact on the USC community and beyond.

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