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2024 Top MBA Achiever: Ashley Hamilton, Cornell University (Johnson)



Last Updated on April 23, 2024 by Robert C. Hoopes

Ashley Hamilton: From Biking Solo Across the U.S. to Leading in Business School

Ashley Hamilton, a native of Sacramento, California, has certainly made the most of his journey from biking solo across the United States to achieving success in both business school and his professional career. Graduating from Pace University with degrees in Business Administration and Psychology, Hamilton then went on to work at the Chicago Jobs Council and intern at Emerson Electric in St. Louis.

During his time at business school, Hamilton has held various leadership roles, including VP of Career Management and VP of Finance. One notable initiative he implemented was a dues initiative for professional clubs, which not only saved students money but also increased membership within the clubs.

One of Hamilton’s proudest professional achievements is overseeing the Michele Sylvester Scholarship for 326 female middle-schoolers in Senegal, showcasing his commitment to philanthropy and education. He chose Cornell Johnson for its diverse student body and wide breadth of coursework, with his favorite professor being Risa Mish for teaching Critical and Strategic Thinking.

Hamilton enjoys participating in MBA events such as Follies night at Johnson and admires his classmate Derek Ju for his genuine nature and leadership skills. With a professional bucket list that includes convening working groups and presenting a TED Talk, Hamilton is constantly striving for growth and innovation in his career.

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As a valued addition to the Class of 2024, Hamilton is known for challenging norms and advocating for diversity and inclusion in the community. With his impressive background and dedication to making a difference, Ashley Hamilton is sure to continue making waves in the business world.

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