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Last Updated on April 25, 2024 by Robert C. Hoopes

Dozens Arrested at University of Texas at Austin Protest

A peaceful protest at the University of Texas at Austin turned chaotic on Wednesday, April 24, as more than 30 people, including a FOX 7 Austin photographer, were arrested on campus. According to Texas DPS, a total of 34 arrests were made in connection with the protests.

Video footage captured by onlookers showed troopers using bikes, riot gear, and physical force to detain individuals at the rally. The FOX 7 Austin photographer was arrested for criminal trespassing and taken to Travis County Jail.

The protest was organized by the Palestine Solidarity Committee and aimed to show support for Palestine and call for a ceasefire between Israeli forces and Hamas. The rally was met with opposition from Texas Hillel, a Jewish student organization on campus.

Prior to the event, UT Austin had warned the PSC organizers that any attempts to hold the rally would result in disciplinary action, including suspension. Despite the warning, the protest went on as planned.

The demonstration took place just days after President Joe Biden signed a bill granting over $26 billion in aid to Israel, sparking outrage among students. Similar protests have been seen at Columbia University and New York University, where students have been calling for divestment from companies that sell weapons to Israel.

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Hundreds of Texas DPS troopers, along with officers from the University of Texas and Austin Police Department, were called to the scene to contain the situation. The arrests and clashes between protesters and law enforcement have sparked a debate on freedom of speech and the right to protest on college campuses.

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