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Christian Ponder Expresses Disappointment with Florida States CFP Snub: An Outrageous Result



Last Updated on December 10, 2023 by Robert C. Hoopes

Title: Former NFL Quarterback Christian Ponder Disappointed with Florida State’s Exclusion from College Football Playoff

Introduction: Christian Ponder, the former Minnesota Vikings quarterback, recently shared his disappointment over his alma mater, the Florida State Seminoles, being left out of the highly anticipated College Football Playoff (CFP). Ponder’s disappointment has sparked questions about the selection process and raised concerns about potential biases within the committee’s decision.


Christian Ponder, an alumnus of the Florida State Seminoles, has expressed his disappointment over his former team’s exclusion from the College Football Playoff (CFP). Despite finishing the season with an impressive undefeated record, the Seminoles were shockingly left out of the top four teams that would compete for the national championship.

Ponder was critical of the CFP Selection Committee for departing from the established precedent of including undefeated Power 5 Conference champions in the playoff. He questioned the committee’s decision to include a one-loss Texas team over a Florida State team that had gone undefeated throughout the season.

One of Ponder’s main concerns was the committee’s assumptions about Florida State’s potential performance without their injured starting quarterback, Jordan Travis. Ponder argued that it was absurd to assume that Tate Rodemaker, the backup quarterback, would not be as capable as the starter. Ponder cited past examples of championships won with different quarterbacks, emphasizing the importance of a strong team supporting their backup.

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Ponder suggested that the committee may have a bias towards the Southeastern Conference (SEC), which has been dominant in recent years. However, he argued that the SEC’s dominance was not as evident this season, and he further questioned the strength of the Big 12 conference.

The former quarterback defended Florida State’s undefeated record and highlighted their challenging out-of-conference schedule, which included impressive victories over LSU and Florida. These wins showcased the team’s potential and resilience.

Despite the disappointment, Florida State will move forward and face Georgia in the Orange Bowl. The other CFP matchups include No. 1 Michigan taking on No. 4 Alabama in the Rose Bowl and No. 2 Washington facing No. 3 Texas in the Sugar Bowl. The winners of the Rose Bowl and Sugar Bowl will then battle it out for the national championship.

In conclusion, Christian Ponder’s disappointment with Florida State’s exclusion from the College Football Playoff has shed light on the selection process and raised questions about potential biases. Ponder’s defense of the Seminoles’ undefeated record and challenging schedule highlights their strength as a team. While they may have been left out of the playoffs this year, the Orange Bowl matchup against Georgia offers them an opportunity to prove their worthiness on the field.

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