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Citi Closes Down Once Envy-Worthy Muni Business – Bloomberg



Last Updated on December 15, 2023 by Robert C. Hoopes

Citigroup Inc. has announced the closure of its municipal business in an effort to improve the bank’s financial performance, according to CEO Jane Fraser. The decision comes as the business has experienced a decline in rankings for underwriting state and local debt, making it no longer sustainable given their focus on increasing overall returns.

Citigroup plans to wind down the municipal business by the end of the first quarter, resulting in the departure of a significant number of the company’s municipal sales, trading, and banking employees. This move is part of CEO Jane Fraser’s strategy to streamline Citigroup’s operations and prioritize more profitable areas of business.

The closure of the municipal business highlights the challenges faced by Citigroup in maintaining a strong position in the municipal debt underwriting market. The bank’s declining rankings in this sector indicate the need for a reassessment of their strategy.

While the closure may be a necessary step to boost Citigroup’s financial performance, it remains to be seen how this decision will affect the bank’s overall profitability and its relationships with state and local governments. The municipal business played a significant role in serving these entities, and its closure may have repercussions.

CEO Jane Fraser’s determination to prioritize profitability and focus on more lucrative areas of business is commendable. However, it is important for Citigroup to carefully manage the transition and ensure that its ties with state and local governments are not severed. Maintaining good relationships with these entities is crucial for the bank’s long-term success.

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Citigroup’s decision to close its municipal business aligns with a broader trend of businesses reassessing their operations and making challenging decisions to enhance financial performance. As the banking industry continues to evolve, it is essential for companies to adapt and make strategic choices to stay competitive.

With the closure of its municipal business, Citigroup is poised to redirect resources towards areas that promise better returns. While the immediate impact of this decision is uncertain, it reflects the bank’s commitment to its bottom line and its readiness to make tough choices to strengthen its position in the market.

As Citigroup moves forward with its plans to wind down the municipal business, all eyes will be on the bank’s next steps. Only time will tell how this decision will shape the future trajectory of Citigroup’s financial performance and its relationships with state and local governments.

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