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Digital SAT Exam Scores Released. How did NJ Perform?



Last Updated on March 29, 2024 by Robert C. Hoopes

The first-ever digital administration of the SAT exam took place on March 9, with thousands of American teenagers eagerly awaiting their scores. The digital SAT, which was administered across the U.S. at 3,000 test centers in 173 countries, saw over 200,000 students take the test.

According to Philip Bates, director of content at UWorld, the digital SAT has a quicker score delivery turnaround compared to the traditional paper-and-pencil version, with scores being released between 10 days and two weeks after the test date. Students have reported mixed results, with some seeing score increases while others experienced drops. Emotional reactions were shared on online platforms like Reddit, with students discussing the difficulty of the test and comparing their sample scores.

The College Board made several changes to the digital SAT, including introducing an adaptive math module and shortening the overall test length. New Jersey’s average digital SAT score was 1171, slightly higher than the U.S. average of 1166 and the international average of 1176. Students who are disappointed with their scores are advised to retake the test to improve their results for college applications.

Many top-tier colleges are now requesting SAT scores as part of a new, test-flexible college application format. This shift highlights the importance of the SAT in the college admissions process and underscores the need for students to prepare adequately for the exam to achieve their desired scores.

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