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Last Updated on March 28, 2024 by Robert C. Hoopes

In a thrilling first round matchup, the K-State women’s basketball team secured a commanding 78-65 victory over Portland in the NCAA Tournament. The Wildcats wasted no time in establishing their dominance, racing to a 20-point lead and never looking back.

Head coach Jeff Mittie expressed the significance of such a game for the team, highlighting the importance of executing under pressure in a tournament setting. Key players Ayoka Lee, Rachel Ranke, and Emilee Ebert shined on the court, with the team’s experienced Big Three leading the charge to secure the win.

The energy in Bramlage Coliseum was electric as fans packed the stands to cheer on the Wildcats in their quest for a deep tournament run. The team’s next challenge will come against Colorado in the second round on Sunday, where they will look to build on their momentum and advance to the Sweet Sixteen.

Players and fans alike embraced the excitement of March Madness, with hopes high for a successful tournament campaign. The Wildcats have their sights set on continued success as they strive to make a statement in the NCAA Tournament. Stay tuned to see if K-State can continue their winning ways and make a run in the Big Dance.

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