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Florida Governor Ron DeSantis Imposes Fresh Sanctions and Bans on Iranian Businesses Amid Israel Conflict



Last Updated on October 11, 2023 by Robert C. Hoopes

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis Shows Support for Israel in Face of Hamas Conflict

In a show of solidarity with Israel amid its ongoing conflict with Hamas terrorists, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has announced new proposed policies aimed at combating the violence. DeSantis is connecting Iran to the recent wave of attacks and urging the Biden administration to take more drastic action against the Middle Eastern country.

The proposed policies seek to increase Florida’s sanctions on Iran and block Iranian businesses from operating in the state. These measures would expand current bans on Iranian-owned businesses and amplify efforts to cut off financial support for terrorism.

Governor DeSantis highlighted Iran’s long-standing history of funding terrorism in Israel through both Hamas and Hezbollah. By strengthening Florida’s sanctions, he aims to limit Iran’s ability to continue financing and supporting these terrorist organizations.

The Israeli military has been heavily engaged in the conflict, carrying out more than 1,000 airstrikes against Hamas targets in response to the recent bloodshed. Hamas’ surprise assault resulted in the deaths of at least 900 Israelis, leaving more than 2,000 wounded. The severity of the attack has prompted Israel to deploy tens of thousands of troops to the Gaza border, with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu suggesting a ground invasion may be imminent.

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Governor DeSantis expressed his support for Israel’s right to respond forcefully to the Hamas assault. He believes that severe actions are necessary to deter future attacks and protect innocent lives. By taking a strong stance against Iran, DeSantis hopes to not only support Israel but also send a message to other nations that may be considering supporting terrorism.

As the conflict continues to unfold, Governor DeSantis’s proposed policies will face scrutiny and debate. However, his unwavering support for Israel and commitment to combating terrorism are clear. With Florida being home to a significant Jewish population, his actions carry weight and significance for the local community.

The proposed policies will now undergo review and potential implementation, further solidifying Florida’s stance in support of Israel. As the world watches the events unfold in the Middle East, Governor DeSantis’s actions will no doubt continue to shape the conversation surrounding the conflict and the fight against terrorism.

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