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In-Demand Jobs and Salaries for an MBA Career



Last Updated on October 8, 2023 by Robert C. Hoopes

Title: U.S. Employers Witness Hiring Surge, Salary Guide Reveals Changing Career Priorities

Subtitle: In-demand tech jobs offer higher salary ranges, while competitive pay and flexible work options remain top priorities for professionals.

In a positive turn of events for the U.S. job market, employers have experienced a significant hiring growth with the creation of 336,000 new jobs in September. This surpasses expectations and reflects the recovering economy. Professionals and employers alike are adapting to the changing landscape, as highlighted in the recently released 2024 Salary Guide by Robert Half.

The Salary Guide reveals that compensation, career goals, and recruitment strategies have seen a shift since the onset of the pandemic. Professionals are placing increased emphasis on competitive pay and flexible work options when making career decisions for the year 2024. Dawn Fay, operational president of Robert Half, attests to this change, stating that today’s workforce prioritizes compensation and work-life balance more than ever before.

To attract and retain top talent, employers are advised to benchmark salaries and compensation packages, offer hybrid work options, and utilize tools to enhance employee engagement and morale. With certain industries experiencing increased demand, it comes as no surprise that in-demand jobs with higher salary ranges are predominantly found in the tech sector. Roles such as software engineer, UX designer, and database administrator are highly sought-after, offering lucrative compensation packages.

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However, it is important to note that lower-paying roles such as customer service representatives, administrative assistants, and medical billers still have their own starting salaries ranging from $44,750 to $47,500. While salaries remain a significant concern for both workers and employers, especially for those with sought-after skills, the pace of salary growth may be more measured than in previous years. Nevertheless, competitiveness, creativity in compensation offers, and flexibility in work arrangements can still attract skilled talent.

According to the 2024 Salary Guide, over half of employers (51%) are planning to increase starting salaries in the coming year to attract highly skilled workers. Additionally, 46% of employers intend to add new perks and benefits to their compensation packages. This indicates a proactive approach from employers in meeting the evolving demands of professionals.

Meanwhile, the Labor Department’s separate report has unveiled a higher-than-expected number of job openings in August, with figures reaching 9.6 million compared to 8.92 million in July. This further reinforces the notion of a recovering job market and highlights the need for employers to stay competitive in their efforts to attract talent.

Overall, the hiring growth witnessed by U.S. employers and the insights provided by the 2024 Salary Guide indicate a changing landscape where compensation and work-life balance take center stage. By adopting proactive practices such as benchmarking salaries, offering flexible work options, and enhancing employee engagement, employers can position themselves as industry leaders in attracting and retaining top talent in this evolving job market.

Dina J. Miller is an accomplished writer and editor with a passion for business and education. With over a decade of experience in the industry, she has established herself as a leading voice in the MBA community. Her work can be found in a variety of MBA magazines and college publications, where she provides insightful commentary on current trends and issues in the field. Dina's expertise in business and education stems from her extensive academic background. She holds a Master's degree in Business Administration from a top-tier business school, where she excelled in her studies and developed a deep understanding of the complexities of the business world. Her academic achievements have been recognized with numerous awards and honors, including induction into several prestigious academic societies.

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