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Insights into Harvards Post-Affirmative Action Admissions from the Class of 2028 Results



Last Updated on April 3, 2024 by Robert C. Hoopes

Harvard College Prepares to Admit Class of 2028 Amid Controversy

As Harvard College prepares to admit the Class of 2028, questions about the impact of the fall of affirmative action and the University’s response to the recent attack on Israel loom large. Experts will closely examine the number of applications and admissions rate to gauge Harvard’s reputation in light of these recent events.

One major point of contention is Harvard’s decision not to release racial and ethnic data on the admitted class on Thursday, breaking from precedent due to potential litigation concerns. Anticipation is high for a potential drop in the racial composition of the admitted class, particularly the number of Black students, while there is a prediction of an increase in the proportion of Asian American applicants accepted to Harvard.

Despite these uncertainties, there is an expected increase in the proportion of Pell Grant-eligible and first-generation students admitted to the Class of 2028. Harvard maintains its test-optional policy to ensure the application pool remains strong, even as other Ivy League schools require testing.

The situation is unique for Harvard as race-conscious admissions are prohibited throughout the country, adding to the uncertainty surrounding the final composition of the admitted Class of 2028. Only time will tell how Harvard navigates these challenges and shapes the future of its student body.

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