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Jewelry Store Owners Pass the Torch: Loyal Employees Take Control of a 60-Year-Old Business



Last Updated on November 20, 2023 by Robert C. Hoopes

Luxury jewelry store chain Bernie Robbins Jewelers, a renowned name in the industry with a successful six-decade run, is set to undergo a remarkable transition. Instead of being sold to a buyer, the business will be handed over to its faithful, long-serving employees free of charge. This unprecedented move comes as the owners, Harvey and Maddy Rovinsky, who have reached a point in their lives where they need to plan for succession, found no suitable candidate to continue their legacy.

Having extensively searched for potential buyers, the Rovinskys were disappointed with the lack of individuals who shared their passion and dedication for the business. Instead, the couple believes that the most fitting candidates to carry forward the company are the employees who have tirelessly contributed to its success for the past two to three decades. This decision to give Bernie Robbins Jewelers to its workers is a testament to the owners’ deep appreciation for their staff and firm belief in their ability to preserve the store’s rich heritage.

The loyal workforce, some of whom have dedicated their entire careers to the jewelry chain, are undoubtedly thrilled by this unprecedented opportunity. As part of their commitment to sustaining the company’s excellence, the future owners are set to infuse the business with their passion and creativity. Despite the significant responsibility they will inherit, the new owners are filled with enthusiasm, and Harvey Rovinsky himself, who has spent an astounding 57 years at Bernie Robbins Jewelers, will continue to serve as the CEO during the transition period.

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The change in ownership is anticipated to take place in the first quarter of 2024, marking a milestone in the jewelry store’s long and storied history. Prior to this milestone, Bernie Robbins Jewelers is holding an extraordinary retirement sale, offering its magnificent inventory at discounted prices. This event not only presents an excellent opportunity for customers to acquire luxury jewelry at reduced rates but also serves as a way to celebrate the lasting success of the store and its forthcoming transformation.

In a world where businesses are frequently bought and sold, the decision to entrust the future of Bernie Robbins Jewelers to its dedicated employees is truly exceptional. This act of faith in their workforce not only ensures the legacy of the jewelry chain but also serves as a shining example of what true employee empowerment and commitment can achieve. The extraordinary transition will undoubtedly be watched closely by others in the industry and will likely inspire similar acts of goodwill in the future.

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