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Making the Most of My MBA Career: Alumni Award Winners Accomplished Journey



Last Updated on May 9, 2024 by Robert C. Hoopes

Dr. Thomas J. Grites ’66, M.S. ’67, may have started his career working on the railroad, but he found his true passion in education. Over the course of his 43-year career at Stockton University, Grites impacted thousands of students as an assistant provost before retiring in 2020. Despite his retirement, he continues to serve students as an advisor and adjunct professor.

Recently, Grites was named the recipient of Illinois State’s 2024 Distinguished Alumni Award, recognizing his outstanding contributions to the field of education. One of his most notable achievements is the seminar he designed for transfer students at Stockton University, showcasing his dedication to helping students navigate the challenges of transferring to a new university.

Throughout his career, Grites has received recognition from prestigious organizations such as NACADA and the National Institute for the Study of Transfer Students, highlighting his commitment to excellence in education. Reflecting on his career, Grites expressed pride in the impact he has made on students’ lives and the lasting relationships he has built with colleagues and mentees.

As nominations are now open for the 2025 Alumni Awards, Grites serves as an inspiration for aspiring educators to make a difference in the lives of students. The deadline for nominations is July 31, 2024, providing an opportunity to recognize individuals who have gone above and beyond in their contributions to their alma mater and the field of education.

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