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MBA Insights: Uncovering the Truth About Bidens Business Expertise



Last Updated on August 6, 2023 by Robert C. Hoopes

Title: Hunter Biden’s Business Dealing Raises Questions, but No Concrete Evidence Implicating Joe Biden

Former business partner of Hunter Biden, Devon Archer, testified before Congress, shedding some light on Joe Biden’s business expertise. Archer admitted that Joe Biden does not possess extensive knowledge in the world of business, putting to rest any assumptions about his proficiency in the corporate realm. This revelation has sparked debates over the former Vice President’s ability to handle economic matters effectively.

Hunter Biden’s involvement in business dealings with Chinese and Ukrainian interests has also drawn significant attention. Concerns about potential corruption and nepotism have been raised, as the former Vice President’s son reportedly earned at least $11 million from 2013 to 2018 through his connections and business ventures in Ukraine and China.

However, Archer clarified that there were no specific business-deal discussions between Hunter and Joe Biden. Their conversations were limited to niceties and non-business-related matters, dispelling any claims of direct involvement by the former Vice President in his son’s business affairs.

The Biden name and perceived influence in the US government made Hunter an attractive figure to Burisma, an energy company in Ukraine. Hunter helped the company hire a prominent D.C. law firm and provided advanced notice of his father’s official trip to Ukraine. Nevertheless, no evidence has emerged to suggest that Joe Biden intervened on Burisma’s behalf or influenced US policy for their benefit.

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While Hunter Biden’s connections and access to his father may have created an illusion of influence, previous inquiries by Republicans, including a GOP-led Senate inquiry and investigations by the FBI and Justice Department during Trump’s presidency, did not find any evidence of wrongdoing or corruption by Joe Biden.

It is necessary to distinguish that while Hunter may have exploited the family name and potentially committed crimes, there is still no credible evidence implicating Joe Biden in any illegal activities. Nevertheless, the narrative surrounding Joe Biden’s support for his son has raised concerns, tarnishing the family name and providing fodder for his adversaries to connect Hunter’s actions to his father’s reputation.

All in all, the lack of concrete evidence linking Joe Biden to any crimes or corruption suggests that the former Vice President’s integrity remains intact. As the debate continues, it is essential to rely on facts and sound evidence when scrutinizing the actions of public figures and their families.

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