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My MBA Career: Accelerating Efforts to Provide Associates with Skills for In-Demand Jobs



Last Updated on February 26, 2024 by Robert C. Hoopes

Walmart’s Live Better U Education Benefit Saves Associates Nearly Half a Billion Dollars in Tuition

In a move that is revolutionizing the way companies invest in their employees, Walmart’s Live Better U (LBU) education benefit has saved associates nearly half a billion dollars in tuition over the past six years. More than 126,000 Walmart and Sam’s Club associates have taken advantage of the opportunity to learn from top academic institutions, with the focus now on skills that make associates more hirable for key roles within the company.

Initially launched as a $1 a day benefit in 2018, Walmart dropped the fee in 2021 and is now aiming to fast-track associates into approximately 100,000 in-demand jobs over the next three years. The company is emphasizing skills-based hiring and removing college degree requirements for most roles, doubling the number of short-form certificates and courses offered to over 50 options.

Walmart is working with prestigious institutions to offer targeted degrees in specific skills and jobs, allowing associates to earn college credit simply by attending training at Walmart Academy facilities. The goal is to fill in-demand jobs with talented Walmart and Sam’s Club associates at a higher rate, promoting from within and creating a more skilled workforce.

Walmart hopes that more employers will follow in offering education benefits for associates, creating a more educated and skilled workforce that benefits both employees and companies alike. The success of the LBU program showcases the importance of investing in employee education and development, leading to a more engaged and skilled workforce for the future.

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