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My MBA Career: Overcoming the Challenges of Finding Employment with a Criminal Record



Last Updated on October 16, 2023 by Robert C. Hoopes

Title: “Obstacles Faced by Individuals with Criminal Records in Obtaining Stable Employment”

Tonya Jones, a job seeker with a misdemeanor food stamp fraud conviction, has experienced the harsh reality of struggling to find stable employment for nearly three years due to her criminal record. Unfortunately, her story is not unique, as many individuals with criminal records face significant challenges in the job market despite historically low unemployment rates and numerous job openings.

Difficulties Persist for Job Seekers:
Nonprofit organizations that assist formerly incarcerated individuals, as well as job seekers themselves, have reported that despite employers’ increased willingness to hire workers with criminal records, considerable barriers still need to be overcome. Some common hurdles include the lack of training or job placement support, regulations that prohibit individuals with criminal records from working in specific professions, difficulties in readjusting to life after incarceration, and strict parole requirements.

The Uphill Battle for Employment:
The job market for individuals with criminal records remains challenging, with studies indicating an unemployment rate of approximately 30% for the formerly incarcerated. However, there has been a noticeable shift in some companies’ attitudes, as a shortage of workers and a shift in the labor force have prompted more employers to consider hiring individuals with criminal records. This change offers an untapped source of prospective labor to fill job openings.

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Continuing Challenges and Restrictions:
Despite this newfound interest, challenges persist, particularly for individuals with drug and violent crime convictions. Many hiring managers are hesitant to seriously consider applicants with such records. Some states also impose laws that restrict the granting of professional licenses to individuals with criminal records, creating further barriers to employment.

Conditional Offers and Rejections:
Even when employers waive background checks during the application process, job candidates often face rejections when criminal background checks are conducted later on. Conditional job offers can be rescinded as a result, leaving individuals with criminal records back at square one.

Progress and Examples:
Progress is being made in tackling these obstacles. Advocates point to the success of vocational programs like Michigan’s Vocational Village, which experiences high employer demand for trained inmates. Such initiatives have increased the employment rates for program graduates, showing that positive change is possible.

Ongoing Difficulties:
Despite these positive developments, many individuals with criminal records still encounter challenges in finding stable employment. Factors like housing instability, lack of previous training, mental health issues, and addictions contribute to the difficulties faced by these job seekers.

While some progress has been made, individuals with criminal records continue to face numerous barriers when seeking stable employment. The demand for skilled workers and a changing labor force have prompted some employers to be more open to hiring individuals with criminal records. However, challenges persist, including restrictive laws and hiring managers’ hesitations. To improve outcomes for these job seekers, ongoing efforts to provide training, support, and mental health services should be prioritized.

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