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Great Opportunity for Graduates & MBA Holders: AMAZON is Hiring



Exciting Opportunity for Graduates & MBA: AMAZON is Hiring

Last Updated on June 6, 2023 by Robert C. Hoopes

Amazon, the biggest online retailer in the world, is always seeking qualified new employees. The organization has just declared that they are looking to fill a variety of roles with recent college grads with MBAs. This may be the perfect chance for you if you are a recent college grad student or who has just passed an MBA.

Amazon is giving recent grads a leg up in a competitive employment market by providing entry-level positions for qualified candidates. Those with enthusiasm, diligence, and a hunger for knowledge are sought after by Amazon. The firm provides a stimulating workplace in which individuals may advance their careers and make meaningful contributions to the company’s success.

Amazon offers a wide variety of career opportunities for college grads and MBAs, including work in finance, operations, human resources, and marketing. The ideal candidate will have a high GPA, be a good communicator, and be able to work effectively with others in a team environment. Applicants need to be ready to put in long hours, develop new skills, and adjust to a dynamic workplace.

Working at Amazon means rubbing shoulders with some of the most brilliant brains in the business. Employees have the opportunity to work on interesting and difficult projects, and the organization has a reputation for innovation and a focus on the consumer. The benefits package, salary, and work-life balance at Amazon are among the best in the industry.

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Visit Amazon’s careers page to see if there are any positions you’re qualified for and interested in. Keep up with the latest vacancies and other corporate news by following the business on social media. Amazon values diversity, equality, and inclusion highly and welcomes applications from people from all walks of life.

Qualification and Skills Required

  • You need to have worked in a highly analytical, results-oriented setting where you often interacted with clients outside of the company.
  • Demonstrated analytical prowess and track record of success managing the data. The use of measurements is essential.
  • Strong presenting, communication, and writing abilities, as well as the ability to distill complex ideas into easily digestible chunks.
  • Proven ability to listen the attentively, consultative manner, and focus on finding workable solutions to problems.
  • Having an MBA is a plus, but a Bachelor’s degree is essential.
  • Any background in online business, traditional retail, marketing, or the media is a plus.
  • Prior experience in setting and achieving revenue goals and quotas, as well as strategic planning, product management, or product marketing, is preferred.
  • The ability to persuade top-level executives is essential.
  • Prior experience working with vendors and distributors in retail and wholesale sectors is a plus.
  • It would be ideal if you had previous experience breaking into new markets with infant (or “startup”) businesses or services.

Apply online via Amazon’s Official website.


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