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Uncovering Eric Schwerins Role in Hunter Bidens Chinese Business Deals: A Crucial Aspect of GOP Investigations



Last Updated on August 12, 2023 by Robert C. Hoopes

Title: Eric Schwerin: Key Figure in Hunter Biden’s Business Ventures Reveals Intricate Network

Subtitle: Schwerin’s profound connections exposed, shedding light on complex international dealings

In a shocking revelation, Eric Schwerin, a founding partner and managing director of Rosemont Seneca Partners, has emerged as a vital figure in Hunter Biden’s business undertakings. As the primary executor of the Biden family’s financial affairs, Schwerin’s deep involvement raises eyebrows and prompts inquiry into the inner workings of their enterprises.

According to Hunter Biden’s ex-wife, Schwerin was intricately connected to the Biden family and played a central role in managing almost every aspect of their financial lives. With close ties to the Obama-Biden administration, Schwerin made frequent visits to both the White House and vice presidential residence during their tenure, earning him the moniker of the “money guy” in Hunter’s business ventures.

One of the significant connections that has come to light is Schwerin’s association with a Chinese executive linked to top officials in the Chinese Communist Party. Rosemont Seneca Advisors, where Schwerin served as president, held a stake in a company managed by this executive, further raising questions about the nature of the Biden family’s dealings with China.

The extent of Schwerin’s involvement in facilitating business deals between Hunter Biden and Chinese entities is equally concerning. In 2015, Schwerin introduced Hunter to CEFC China Energy, a major Chinese energy company. Emails reveal that Schwerin and Hunter actively organized meetings with Chinese business leaders and discussed potential collaborations.

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However, the connections didn’t stop there. Schwerin was also involved in talks regarding a movie venture for Hunter, with individuals who had ties to the Chinese Communist Party. Additionally, discussions surrounding a proposal by the Chinese state-owned company CITIC to open a Universal Studios theme park in China featured Schwerin in a prominent role.

The collaboration between Schwerin and Hunter resulted in the formation of Bohai Harvest RST, a partnership between their firms and Li’s firm Bohai Capital. Notably, Bohai Harvest RST is controlled by China’s state-owned Bank of China, further highlighting the deep ties within the Biden family’s business dealings.

Schwerin’s involvement extended beyond business transactions, with evidence suggesting his attempt to leverage personal connections for professional gain. He arranged lunches between Hunter, Jonathan Li (CEO of BHR Partners), and the Buccini brothers. Additionally, Schwerin facilitated a college recommendation letter for Hunter to Li and tried to organize a meeting between Li and a prominent Biden donor.

Even the entertainment industry wasn’t untouched by Schwerin’s influence, as he engaged in discussions between Harves and SeaWorld to explore the creation of a theme park in Shanghai. However, this potential collaboration never came to fruition.

In another unusual instance, Schwerin and Hunter played a role in securing an event for a Rosemont Seneca client at the Chinese Embassy in Washington, D.C. Their connections, particularly from a luncheon hosted by then-Vice President Biden, paved the way for networking with a top embassy official.

The exposure of Eric Schwerin’s extensive involvement in Hunter Biden’s business affairs sheds light on the intricate and controversial network surrounding the Biden family. With ties to Chinese entities and a seemingly influential role in their dealings, questions arise about the transparency and potential conflicts of interest within these international ventures. As the story continues to unfold, it is becoming increasingly clear that Schwerin’s connection to the Biden family warrants further investigation.

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