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2023 Inter Results: Punjab Group of Colleges Students Excel in Top Positions



Last Updated on September 14, 2023 by Robert C. Hoopes

Punjab Group of Colleges Dominates Intermediate Results in Pakistan

Students from the prestigious Punjab Group of Colleges have once again showcased their academic prowess by securing top positions in the 2023 Intermediate results across various examination boards in Pakistan. This remarkable achievement solidifies the institution’s reputation as a leader in providing quality education.

Among the examination boards, Lahore Board witnessed a pass percentage of 58%, with an impressive count of 109,000 successful students. Notably, Muhammad Ahmed and Syed Zohair Ali, both students from Punjab Group of Colleges’ Ferozepur Road campus in Lahore, clinched the second and third positions respectively. Their exceptional performance is a testament to their dedication and the institution’s commitment to nurturing talented individuals.

Moving towards the Faisalabad board results, Punjab Group of Colleges students Rida Waheed, Fatima Khan, and Bilal Rana stood out by securing the first and third positions. Their accomplishments highlight the institution’s emphasis on holistic academic development and excellence.

In Multan, Ahmed from Punjab College, Rashidabad, emerged as the topper in the Multan Board examinations. This outstanding achievement signifies the unwavering commitment of both the student and the college towards academic excellence in the region.

Furthermore, Punjab Group of Colleges students Muniba and Aina Iqbal have made their institution proud by securing the first and third positions in the Sargodha Board examinations. These successes reflect the students’ hard work and the institution’s continuous support and focus on nurturing exceptional talent.

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As the Punjab Group of Colleges continues to produce exceptional results, it is important to recognize the overall performance of the examination boards. The Gujranwala board recorded a pass percentage of 56.11%, with an impressive turnout of 139,311 candidates. Similarly, the Bahawalpur board witnessed a success rate of 57.46%, reflecting the hard work and dedication of the students.

However, Multan emerges as a beacon of success with a remarkable pass percentage of 68.59%, and a total of 44,541 successful candidates. This highlights not only the tireless efforts of the students but also the effectiveness of the educational system implemented by the Multan board.

Finally, Lodhran takes the lead with the highest pass percentage of 98.80% among all the examination boards, demonstrating the exceptional performance of the district’s students.

The outstanding results achieved by students from the Punjab Group of Colleges and across various examination boards in Pakistan serve as inspiration for future generations. It is evident that the institution’s commitment to quality education, holistic development, and academic excellence continues to yield exceptional outcomes. Students and educators alike can look forward to a brighter future as these remarkable individuals begin their journey towards successful careers.

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