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California Restaurant Owners Fear Minimum Wage Law Impact on Consumers and Businesses



Last Updated on March 30, 2024 by Robert C. Hoopes

Los Angeles Restaurant Owner Speaks Out Against California’s Fast Food Minimum Wage Increase

Angela Marsden, a well-known restaurant owner in Los Angeles, is raising concerns about California’s upcoming fast food minimum wage increase. The new law, set to raise the minimum wage for food industry workers to $20 per hour starting on April 1, 2024, has sparked controversy and debate among small business owners like Marsden.

In a recent interview on “America’s Newsroom”, Marsden expressed her worries about the impact of the wage hike on small businesses, warning of potential massive layoffs and job losses. She pointed out that the increased costs are already forcing some businesses, particularly McDonald’s franchises, to close locations and lay off employees. Other food chains in California have also announced layoffs in response to the law.

Marsden criticized Governor Gavin Newsom for the wage hike, labeling it a “silent tax on the public” and predicting negative consequences for consumers and businesses alike. She believes that the ultimate goal of the wage increase is to push the industry towards incorporating artificial intelligence solutions, further complicating matters for small businesses.

During the interview, FOX Business reporter Louis Casiano shared insights on the potential ripple effects of the wage increase, highlighting the burden on all classes of consumers as prices rise to offset the increased costs. Marsden emphasized the impact on small businesses in particular, painting a grim picture of possible business collapses and widespread job losses.

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As the debate over California’s fast food minimum wage increase continues to intensify, voices like Angela Marsden’s provide valuable insights into the challenges facing small businesses in the state. Stay tuned to “My MBA Career” for more updates on this developing story.

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