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Columbia Student Launches Petition for On-Campus Commencement: We Deserve This



Last Updated on May 8, 2024 by Robert C. Hoopes

Columbia University Students Petition for On-Campus Commencement Amid Security Concerns

Columbia University senior Dana Krantz has taken matters into her own hands after the university recently announced the cancellation of its main commencement ceremony due to security concerns. Krantz, along with fellow senior Ally Woodward, has started a petition to hold the ceremony on campus despite ongoing violent anti-Israel protests.

The petition has gained significant traction, with over 3,000 signatures collected in less than 24 hours. Students are expressing disappointment and frustration over the university’s decision, with some even stating that they no longer want to attend their graduation.

According to Columbia University, the main reason for canceling the commencement ceremony is the security threats stemming from the anti-Israel protests on campus. Jewish students at the university have reported facing anti-Semitic rhetoric and threats, raising concerns about their safety.

Many students feel that the university is not effectively communicating with them and addressing their concerns. The cancellation of the commencement ceremony has also sparked worries among students about their future job prospects and the value of their education at Columbia University.

Krantz and Woodward are determined to have their voices heard and are advocating for the importance of a university-wide commencement ceremony. They believe that the cancellation not only undermines the significance of graduation but also neglects the well-being and desires of the graduating class.

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As the situation continues to unfold, students are hopeful that their petition will prompt the university to reconsider its decision and prioritize the safety and wishes of the graduating students. Stay tuned for updates on the developments at Columbia University.

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