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Impact of Strikes: Study Reveals 17% Job Loss for L.A. Entertainment Workers



Last Updated on December 8, 2023 by Robert C. Hoopes

Title: Hollywood Strikes Cause 17% Job Loss in Showbiz, Study Reveals

A recent study conducted by the Otis College of Art and Design sheds light on the detrimental impact of the Hollywood strikes on the showbiz industry. The study, part of the college’s ongoing Otis College Report on the Creative Economy, reveals that 17% of showbiz workers in Los Angeles lost their jobs during the strikes.

Led by the Writers Guild of America (WGA) and SAG-AFTRA, the strikes resulted in the layoff of 24,799 entertainment industry employees in Los Angeles. Actors, writers, camera operators, editors, and other media occupations were among the hardest hit during the strike, making up a significant portion of the layoffs.

In addition to the immediate job losses, the study suggests that the strikes have accelerated the long-term decline in Hollywood employment. Since reaching its peak in August 2022, the industry has witnessed a 26% decrease in employment.

The strikes compounded several challenges already facing the industry, including oversupply, a weaker investment environment, technological disruption, and intensified foreign competition. These factors have added to the industry’s struggle to maintain stable employment levels.

To conduct the study, Westwood Economics and Planning Associates analyzed data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics and California Employment Development Department. They also gathered insights from industry officials through interviews and job listings. The full study can be accessed on the Otis College of Art and Design’s website.

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The entertainment industry plays a vital role as a major economic driver for California. As such, the study aims to provide essential information to students and citizens planning careers in the creative sectors. Understanding the impact of events such as the Hollywood strikes is crucial for individuals considering pursuing a career in showbiz and related fields.

Overall, the study highlights the immediate repercussions of the strikes on showbiz workers in Los Angeles and emphasizes the need for strategies to mitigate the ongoing challenges faced by the industry. As the entertainment world continues to evolve, informed decision-making will be critical in ensuring sustainable careers in the creative sectors.

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