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Last Updated on May 7, 2024 by Robert C. Hoopes

In a recent announcement, outgoing CFP executive director Bill Hancock confirmed that the annual Army-Navy Game will not have any impact on the selection process for the newly expanded 12-team College Football Playoff. Despite the change to a 12-team format, the historic matchup will continue to take place on the second Saturday of December.

Army and Navy had expressed hopes for the possibility of seeding 11 of the 12 teams in the Playoff and securing an automatic spot for the Group of 5 champions. However, CFP officials decided against this idea, citing the shorter turnaround time before the Playoff begins as a major factor. Asking a participant to wait a week to learn their opponent was deemed unfair.

The new policy has opened up a scenario where either Army or Navy could qualify for the CFP as the top Group of 5 champion, lose to the other academy in their matchup, and still advance in the Playoff. Additionally, Army will be joining the AAC as a football-only member, but their annual game against Navy will remain a nonconference fixture due to contractual obligations with CBS.

Despite reports of the NFL’s annoyance, the CFP has decided not to move the first-round games off the third Saturday in December. Furthermore, Washington athletic director Pat Chun has stepped down from the CFP selection committee following his move from the Washington State AD job.

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In a move to support teams and their families, the CFP has increased its travel budget from $1.5 million over three games to $7.5 million over 11 games. This significant increase aims to make it easier for families to attend Playoff games and support their loved ones on the field.

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