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My MBA Career – Examining the First Digital SAT Scores in New Jersey



Last Updated on March 23, 2024 by Robert C. Hoopes

American high school students who took the digital SAT exam on March 9 have been eagerly awaiting their scores, which were recently released. The quick turnaround time for results, typically between 10 days to two weeks, is a benefit of the digital format. Over 200,000 students across 173 countries took the digital SAT at 3,000 test centers.

The scores varied among students, with some seeing improvement, some experiencing a drop, and others staying the same. The way students prepared for the digital version of the test seemed to have a significant impact on their outcomes. Some tutors utilized digital tests from major test prep companies to further assist their students.

Emotional reactions from students could be seen on an online Reddit thread discussing the March 9 digital test results. The new adaptive math module in the digital SAT proved challenging for some students, leading to time management issues during the exam.

In New Jersey, the average score on the first digital SAT was 1171, slightly higher than the U.S. average of 1166 and the international average of 1176. Students who are unsatisfied with their scores have the option to retake the test, especially as some top-tier colleges have begun to request SAT scores in a new test-flexible application format.

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Overall, the transition to the digital SAT has brought about both benefits and challenges for students, tutors, and test-takers worldwide. The evolution of standardized testing continues to shape the college application process for high school students pursuing higher education.

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