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Scaling a Side Hustle into a $3 Million Business: Insights from a 32-Year-Old MBA



Last Updated on August 6, 2023 by Robert C. Hoopes

Title: “Former Higher Education Professional Finds Success in the Growing Short-Term Rental Market”

Subtitle: How One MBA Career Transitioned Into Managing Over 120 Rentals in Virginia

Jamie Stark Inlow, a former higher education professional, made a bold career move in 2019 when she left her job to spend more time with her family. Seeking to maintain some income while pursuing better work-life balance, Inlow took up a part-time position as a student program coordinator at the University of Virginia. Little did she know that this decision would lead to the birth of Be Still Getaways, a thriving short-term rental management company in Virginia.

Inlow’s entrepreneurial spirit came to life when she saw the potential in her neighbor’s spare apartment above a barn. In June 2019, she converted it into an Airbnb listing. The success of her first rental venture became a stepping stone for her ambitions, and soon Be Still Getaways was born. Today, the company manages over 120 rentals and inns throughout the state, catering to a diverse range of travelers.

Be Still Getaways has experienced remarkable growth since its inception. With nearly $2 million in revenue generated in 2022 alone, the company is projected to reach $3 million in 2023. However, Inlow’s journey was not without its challenges. For the first two and a half years, Inlow juggled all three of her jobs to reinvest all the revenue back into the business. It was in 2021 that she finally hired staff to support the company’s expansion and began receiving a regular salary herself.

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The primary sources of income for Be Still Getaways are property outfits and a 20% commission on bookings made by rental owners. As the company continues to grow, close to 25% of its revenue is allocated towards expenses such as staffing, supplies, software, a company car, and warehouse rent. Inlow’s husband also joined the company, a decision that led to a combined annual income of $150,000 for the couple.

Looking ahead, Be Still Getaways remains focused on expanding its portfolio of rentals while prioritizing work-life balance. With an eye on maintaining sustainable growth, the company is dedicated to creating a harmonious environment for its staff and building strong relationships with both rental owners and guests.

In a world where traditional careers are increasingly replaced by entrepreneurial opportunities, Jamie Stark Inlow’s MBA career transition serves as an inspiring example of how determination, risk-taking, and a strong work ethic can lead to remarkable success. Be Still Getaways continues to make strides in Virginia’s short-term rental market, ensuring that travelers have comfortable and memorable experiences while supporting the dreams of a hardworking MBA professional and her growing team.

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