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Students concern over FAFSA this year



Last Updated on April 14, 2024 by Robert C. Hoopes

The rollout of the new FAFSA form is causing major delays in the college financial aid process, leaving students across the country unsure of their college costs for the next school year. This uncertainty is not only causing stress for students like Chase Cunningham, who is unsure how much Morehouse College will cost, but it is also raising concerns among experts about the impact on low-income students.

Ellie Norvitch has already chosen a roommate for next year’s dorm, but she is still waiting for her financial aid letter to determine if she can afford tuition. The delay in aid offers is affecting students like Taylor Smith, who is unable to update their FAFSA form until later this month, which is past many college decision deadlines.

To ease the stress for students like Smith, California has extended its state scholarship deadline. However, Smith is left budgeting for college without the certainty of grants or scholarships and is considering taking out loans for affordability.

These delays in the financial aid process are having a real impact on students’ decisions about where to attend college. Three student stories illustrate how the FAFSA delays are affecting college choices and the financial burden on students and their families. As the new FAFSA form rollout continues to cause delays and uncertainty, it is crucial for students to stay informed and seek out resources to navigate the financial aid process effectively.

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