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US Proposes Cut in EV Mileage Ratings to Meet Fuel Economy Rules



US Proposes Cut in EV Mileage Ratings to Meet Fuel Economy Rules

Last Updated on June 10, 2023 by Robert C. Hoopes

As part of its plan to comply with fuel economy rules, the United States government has proposed reducing the mileage ratings for electric vehicles (EVs). The plan, which was reportedly announced on June 10 of 2023, is scheduled to go into effect that year.

The federal government is attempting to cut carbon emissions and increase fuel efficiency, and this new proposal is a part of that effort. The proposed changes, however, may have far-reaching consequences for the electric vehicle market and the automotive sector at large.

In comparison to their gasoline-powered counterparts, electric vehicles have higher EPA mileage ratings because of their lower fuel consumption. However, under the new proposal, electric vehicle mileage ratings would be lowered to reflect their expected lower energy consumption.

Although the proposal’s stated goal is to increase fuel efficiency, unintended consequences cannot be ruled out. The proposal could reduce demand for EVs because consumers would perceive them to be less fuel-efficient than gasoline-powered vehicles if their mileage ratings were lowered.

The electric vehicle market, which has been expanding steadily in recent years, may be significantly impacted by this. More than 1.3 million EVs were sold in the United States in 2022, setting a new record. However, the new proposal may make it more difficult for automakers to meet their emissions targets and may slow the growth of the EV market.

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Some in the auto industry, despite these concerns, have welcomed the proposal. Proponents of the proposed changes argue that the current mileage ratings for electric vehicles do not fairly reflect their energy consumption and that the proposed changes would promote fairness and accuracy in fuel efficiency ratings.

However, environmental groups have voiced concern that the proposal could have a negative effect on the environment by discouraging people from purchasing electric vehicles in favor of gasoline-powered ones.

Cutting electric vehicle mileage ratings is a contentious proposal that could have serious consequences for both the auto industry and the environment. The proposal is still in its infancy, so it is unclear how industry players and the general public will react.

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