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Americans Want Businesses to Stay Apolitical: Study



Last Updated on March 1, 2024 by Robert C. Hoopes

A recent study conducted by Weber Shandwick has revealed that a majority of Americans want businesses to remain politically neutral in both the workplace and the public sphere. The study found that 72% of consumers and 71% of employees expect political neutrality from the companies they support or work for.

The survey also showed that consumers and employees want companies to respect all political affiliations and avoid the appearance of politics in the workplace. Interestingly, Americans seem to have more confidence in businesses addressing societal issues than the government, with a majority of both Democrats and Republicans supporting the idea of businesses playing a positive role in addressing challenges faced by society.

One of the key findings of the study was that consumers and employees believe businesses should encourage free and fair elections. This was further supported by the fact that 64% of consumers and 63% of employees are in favor of companies providing paid time off to vote.

However, the study also highlighted actions that consumers and employees are skeptical of businesses taking in election years. Endorsing candidates or sponsoring events at political conventions are among the actions that Americans generally do not support from businesses. Additionally, a majority of consumers and employees do not want companies lobbying elected officials on issues that can benefit the business.

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Overall, the study emphasizes the importance of political neutrality in the eyes of American consumers and employees. Businesses are expected to focus on addressing societal challenges and encouraging civic engagement, rather than involving themselves in partisan politics. This sentiment is shared across party lines, indicating a widespread desire for businesses to stay out of political matters and focus on their core responsibilities.

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