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My MBA Journey: Business Owners Share Stories of a Changing Landscape



Last Updated on March 2, 2024 by Robert C. Hoopes

California Business Owners Consider Moving Due to High Crime and Taxes

According to a recent survey conducted by RedBalloon and PublicSq.’s Freedom Economy Index, California business owners are grappling with the decision to either close their doors or relocate their headquarters to other states such as Texas, Florida, and Nevada. The survey revealed that over 86% of business owners in California believe that crime has increased in their area, with 67% considering moving out of the state.

High tax rates, anti-business policies, “woke” public school systems, and soaring crime rates were cited as the top reasons for business owners wanting to leave California. The state’s economic future is further jeopardized by the potential exodus of employers, including attorneys, CEOs, and marketing business owners, who are concerned about the state’s business environment.

Despite the challenges, some business owners like attorney Flavio Carvalho still hold a deep affection for California and are hopeful for the state’s future. However, the economic impact of the potential business exodus is predicted to have a significant effect on the state’s economy and budget, further exacerbating the already strained financial situation.

As California continues to grapple with high crime rates and taxes, the future remains uncertain for many business owners who are torn between their love for the state and the practical considerations of relocating for the betterment of their businesses. Only time will tell how this dilemma will ultimately shape the landscape of California’s business community.

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