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College protesters seek amnesty to prevent arrests and suspensions from affecting their futures



Last Updated on April 28, 2024 by Robert C. Hoopes

Amidst the ongoing Israel-Hamas conflict, students across college campuses in the US are facing consequences for participating in protests. Maryam Alwan and several other students were suspended from Columbia University and Barnard College after being arrested at the “Gaza Solidarity Encampment.” This has sparked outrage among more than 100 Barnard and Columbia faculty members who staged a rally in support of the students, demanding that the suspensions be lifted.

The situation at Columbia University has further escalated as the administration is attempting to remove the tent encampment where the graduation ceremony is planned to be held. Negotiations are ongoing with student protesters, but tensions remain high as both sides stand their ground.

International students involved in the protests are facing even more serious consequences, such as potential visa loss. In response, some have filed a federal civil rights complaint against the school for failing to address discrimination against Palestinian students.

The issue is not isolated to Columbia and Barnard, as Yale University has also seen student arrests in connection with the protests. Concerns have been raised about the impact on diplomas and acceptance to graduate schools for these students.

At Vanderbilt University, expulsions related to the Israel-Hamas conflict have prompted criticism from professors who believe the punishments to be excessive and punitive. Students like Jack Petocz, who was expelled from Vanderbilt, are now appealing their cases and dealing with challenges such as being evicted from dorms and finding off-campus housing.

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As tensions continue to rise on college campuses, students are left navigating the consequences of their activism in support of Palestine. The broader implications for their academic careers and futures remain uncertain as the conflicts between students and administrations persist.

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